Designing Tactile Schematics

A thesis project by Lauren Race, with advisors Chancey Fleet, Joshua A. Miele, Tom Igoe, and Amy Hurst, for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. We welcome questions and comments:

Style & Workflow Guide

This is a guide for designers who want to design tactile schematics for tactile learners. It provides templates, design standards and best practices, and workflow guidance. They were developed by experts in design, accessibility, and physical computing.

In order to make these schematics you, or your collaborators, will need to have a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, and have access to Swell Touch Paper and a Swell Form Machine. A basic understanding of Arduino and electronic symbols is also helpful. These standards are a work in progress, so we welcome suggestions.

Tactile Schematics

This is a collection of the 50+ schematics, from NYU ITP’s Physical Computing class, converted to tactile schematics using the standards and best practices from the style guide.

Publication: ACM SIGACCESS ASSETS ’19 poster
Press: IEEE Spectrum, China Daily Hong Kong
Exhibitions: ITP Spring Show 2019, NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit 2019, Dubai Design Week’s Global Grad Show 2019

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